What We Do

Climate change

Accurate information on carbon emissions anywhere on the globe.


Detailed information on tree stocks located anywhere on Earth.


Precise information on a range of agriculture indices vital to any farmer.


Reliable information on surface minerals from anywhere on the planet.

Smart Economies

Smart EconomyThe concept of the “Smart City” has been around for over a decade now. The data explosion in recent years has pushed the boundaries on the Smart City: It’s not just cities that can and must go “smart”. The Smart Economy is the intersection between the economy and big data.

A smart economy makes more efficient choices about resources, human capital and development to foster sustainable growth that mitigates climate change, raises living standard and preserves our natural environment for future generations.

Who We Are

GlobeWe are Promethean Labs, a space information start-up based in Edmonton, in the Canadian province of Alberta. We were founded in 2016 in what is the most northern city of over one million in North America to work on solving big societal challenges from space. Our mission is to “Unlock Earth” by providing regular and accessible earth observation data for an affordable price.

We are entering the market through the launch of our first satellite in late 2018. We will be flying a specially developed imager for measuring atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We are also exploring the use of our imager for sustainable agriculture purposes, monitoring of water quality and air quality as well as forestry management and land surveys.

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